Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pray for Lyla! She's waiting again :(

God must have some very special plans for Lyla!

Why do I say this?

Because the devil has been working overtime to keep her from having a family!

She was born with down syndrome in a country where parents are advised to place any child with a disability in an orphanage.

It is assumed they cannot learn...

There is no place for them in their society...

So they are destined to spend their early days in orphanages...

At the tender age of 4-6 years old they are usually transferred to mental institutions...

Where they spend their days in bed or just sitting around with nothing to do...

With little love, care, or stimulation...

With day after boring day...

Till the they die.


Sweet Lyla (called Lilianna on Reece's Rainbow) had a family who fell in love with her!

They planned to adopt her and name her Lyla...

But she became very ill...

And was not expected to live...

Because her health was so poor she became unavailable for adoption so her family adopted another child.

When they were ready to adopt a second child Lyla was still unavailable.

Then a miracle occurred!

Lyla recovered sufficiently to be re-listed for adoption!

Unfortunately it was not possible for the family who loved her to adopt her (though they desperately wanted to!)

Adopting a third child just was not possible!

Then, what a relief, another family stepped forward to adopt dear Lyla!

Now today, I learned that her second family is unable to adopt her :(

The devil's strikes against Lyla
1. She lost her biological family and was placed in an orphanage
2. She got sick so was unable to be adopted by her first family
3. She was still unavailable when they were ready to adopt again
4. Her second family was unable to adopt her

See what I mean?

The devil has been working super hard to prevent Lyla from having a family...

To keep her from the opportunity to grow, and learn, and thrive, and be all that she can be...

She still desperately needs heart surgery...

She desperately needs a family!

When God has big plans...

The devil often works overtime to thwart them...

But God is stronger!

And He will win!

Please pray for Lyla and share her story!

Could she be your daughter? 

For more information about Lyla (Lilianna) or to donate to her grant fund click here!

Please read this plea from the Mama who longs to adopt her but is unable to at this time.

Updated to add...

God has answered our prayers for Lyla!

She's on the "My Family Found Me" page again!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! This is an AMAZING POST!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow... This is amazing and soo powerful!!! You are an amazing writer.

    Thank you for posting about her!!!!