Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Guess where?

Good News!!!!

About Sweet Valentine!
I wrote about him here.

Guess where I saw his picture today?

That means a family has committed to adopt him!!!

Let's pray the process goes quickly and smoothly so he can come home soon.

Pray that he will be able to stay at the baby house until his Mama & Papa can come for him!

Pray that he will not have to spend even one day in a mental institute!

And be sure to thank God for rescuing another of his precious waiting children!

And the good news doesn't end there!

Valentine is not the only one on that page!

Another of my special little ones appeared there recently!

This is Easton!

He has already been transferred though he is not yet 5 years old!

I noticed him a number of months ago.

I was so happy when he appeared on the My Family Found Me page.

Before long, however, he was removed from the page because the Mama & Papa that wanted him lived in a country that would not allow them to adopt him.

But now, in the last week or so, He has reappeared on that special page!

I'm so happy these two treasures will soon be home where they belong!

Sweet Easton will be rescued from the institution!

Hopefully Valentine will never have to go there!

Praise God!!!

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Forget Me Not Fridays

Please continue to pray for Victoria and Emmitt and Genesis the other waiting children at Reece's Rainbow!

Let's Pray these Kids get good news soon!
I'd love to see them on the My Family Found Me Page too!!!!