Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

UPDATED!!! Mulligan Stew for "my" kids too!!! (And many more!)

Please read all the way to the bottom for an important update!


Julia has been cooking up some delicious mulligan stew this week!  

It's just about time to start serving!

This terrific stew will help to feed many wonderful children...


Emmitt and

We are all invited to help in this great fundraiser!

Please stay tuned to Julia's blog for details!

(Click here to see the faces of the children invited to the meal!)

The feast begins tomorrow...

Can you bring something to add to the stew?

The kids are starving for the love of a family...

For hope for the future...

For love!

If we all bring a little...

Whether it be prayer...

Shares on blogs, facebook, or twitter...

Or by bringing our dimes, quarters, tens or twenties...

That pot of soup will grow and grow...

And help to feed them all in ways small or big!

Can you help?

The children thank you!



I wrote this yesterday...

The giveaway is now LIVE!!!!

There are EIGHTY THREE items in the giveaway!

The fundraiser benefits many children!

To enter, first donate any amount to the fund for these four beautiful siblings!

 Maria (Masha) and her siblings (Heim family)

Then you are encouraged to donate any amount to any of the other children listed if you are able!

VictoriaEmmittIgorLaurel, and Bernadette ... are just some of the children on the list!

The you give, the more entries you get!

Please go to Julia's blog for all the details!

Leave a comment on Julia's blog to let her know how much you donated (she'll keep it private for you!) so she can enter your name in the giveaway!

Here is the code so you can grab this great button for your sidebar!!!!

 <center><a href="" target="_blank"><img width="100%" src="" /></a><br/><a href=""><img width="100%" src="" /></a><br /></center>

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