Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3 for 3 for 3/21 - World Down Syndrome Day!

In honor of World Down Syndrome day...


I like to share 3 children...

Who have 3 copies of chromosome 21...

In hopes that maybe...

In honor of their special day...

You could spare $3 to help them on their way to finding a family!

A family who will see their true worth...

And give them the opportunity to thrive, and blossom and grow!

The opportunity to reach the potential God gave them...

So they can show the world that that extra chromosome in no way detracts from their value...

But makes them extra special!


Sweet little Paul looks so lost without his Mama!


Jordan - See him trying to smile? 
"If only you'll love me I'll blossom and grow!"


Arina - Isn't she darling!
"Why does nobody want me?"

$3 for 3 children with 3 copies of chromosome 21!
World Down Syndrome day 3/21/2012

To donate to any (or all!) of these three children just click on their names!

Three precious treasures are waiting to enrich your life with extra special joy!


Is one of them yours?

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