Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

What Limits?

What do you think when you see Alix?

Poor boy...

Hopeless case...

Better off in an institution...

He'll never be able to do anything!

What could he possibly do without hands?

Impossible obstacles...

Better give up and forget about him...


But WAIT!!!

His profile says he is...


A leader in his group!

MOBILE - able to roll around QUICKLY!

Plays well with toys...

Seems to have adapted well to his limitations!


OK, he does have some potential, but his life will be so LIMITED won't it?

He couldn't possibly brush his own teeth, shave, or even get his own glass of water...

Let alone...

Participate in sports, go swimming...

Get a job or get married...

Could he?


Meet Nick!

Who can do these things and more!

Following are a couple of videos showing what nick can do!

Watch one or the other or both!

(Even if you only have time to watch a small part of one video - you will be inspired!)

Nick is a motivational speaker...

He speaks to large audiences around the world...

And he recently got married too!

(You can read an article about that here.)

And here is a link to one of Nick's websites.


So don't give up on  Alix !

He has GREAT potential!!!

You never know what great things he will accomplish in life!

You never know how many people he will inspire!

His biggest limitation is NOT his lack of arms and legs...

 It is the sad fact that he has no Mom or Dad to love and encourage him...

No opportunity for life outside the institution...

No (or limited) education or therapy available...

Now THAT's a limitation that could be eliminated!

If only he gets adopted...

He will have a Mom and Dad of his own...

To give him love and encouragement...

And the opportunity for education and therapy...

Then he can do whatever he sets his mind to...

Even if he has to do it a different way!

He can inspire the world like Nick does...

And influence this world for the better!

Won't you give him a chance?


You can help  Alix  by praying for him...

Sharing his story with others...

Donating to his adoption grant fund...

Or maybe you could even be his Mom or Dad!


In closing, I want to share a couple of links about Sasha!

He has a similar condition to Alix and Nick.

He was adopted through Reece's Rainbow - and he's adorable!

Sasha has been home for over a year now...

He has a wonderful Mom and Dad and 2 brothers!

Here is a link with pictures and video of him coloring!

Here is another link showing him enjoying his Christmas present!

Sasha though once an orphan...

Has been blessed with the love and opportunity that life in a family brings...

Pray that  Alix  can have this opportunity soon!

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Mountain

You've seen the faces...

You've heard of their plight...


And destined for mental institutions...

At the young age of 4, 5, or 6 years old...

Deemed unfit for society simply because of their physical or mental struggles...

The most vulnerable and helpless...


And LONGING for a family!

You've heard!

You've wept!

You'd love to make a difference!

You'd love to adopt...


The mountain is SOOOO big!

I mean, who has an extra $20-40 thousand lying around...

Totally available to pay for the paperwork fees, plane tickets, and all the other fees and expenses related to adoption?

It seems so impossible - why even start?


Have you seen the Moving Mountains page at Reece's Rainbow?
(The children above are ALL listed there!)

This very special page features children who have $2,500 or more in their grant funds...

Some have a little more...
And others have a LOT more!!!!

Meet some of the children on this extra special page!!!

Isn't he Darling!
$4,190 already in his fund!

Almost out of time!
She MUST have a family by August - before it's too late!
She has TWO grants!
$3,410.59 + $2000 = $5,410.59!!!

$6,471 is available to help shrink your mountain!

Bernadette! - 15 years old
She needs a family before her birthday in November or she will become intelligible for adoption!
You can save her from a life sentence in an institution!
$8,867.60 !!!!

Super Smart!
Lots of great information in her profile!!!

What a Cheery Smile!

Facing IMMINENT Institutionalization!!!
Can you help?
His mountain has shrunk!!!
$15,015.14 - WOW!!!

What a Cutie
$15,924.40 !!!

Transferred to an Institutution :(
Bad picture :(
But this sweetie has one good thing in her favor!
Check out her GRANT!!!!!
Yes, you read that right - She has MORE than $20 thousand dollars in her grant fund!!!!

OK - she does live in one of the more expensive regions ($35-$40 thousand needed)...
But over HALF that mountain is GONE!!!!

No, I didn't list all the kids on the Moving Mountains page!!!

Head on over to see who else is listed there!

These kids mountains have shrunk!!!

Could one of them be yours?

You can learn more about any of these children by clicking on their names!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Waiting for spring!

(The idea for this story came from a story I heard from a friend. - I'm adapting and embellishing it for this post as an illustration of my point).

John moved to the northern US from a tropical country where the weather was always warm...

The trees were always green and flowers grew year round.

After getting settled into his new job and saving some money, John bought a plane ticket for his dear mother so that she could come to visit him.

Mother had never left her native country.  She was poor and lived in a remote area.  Because she had had no opportunity to receive an education, she knew almost nothing about the world outside of her community.

Mother came to visit in November.  Soon after she arrived, John took her for a drive through the countryside and neighborhoods near his home.

"How did you enjoy the drive?" John asked when they got back.

"It was very interesting, but I have a question...

"I am very puzzled by something I saw!"

"I saw so many dead trees!  Why in the world don't the people cut them for firewood?  I could certainly use some of that wood to cook with back home, but the people here just let them stand around.  They are such an eyesore!"

"Oh Mother", John laughed, "the trees are not dead!

They are just waiting for spring!

Because it is cold here the trees have gone to sleep.

The cold would hurt their tender leaves so they have let them go...

When it warms up they will get new leaves and begin to grow again!

They will be beautiful - you'll see!"


Why do I tell this little story?

Because it illustrates an important point!

When we see pictures like these...

Bobby and Kiril

How often do we make the same mistake John's mother made?

Do thoughts like...
They are useless, hopeless, and their just too far gone...

Fill our hearts with doubt?

These precious children have been deprived of the sunshine and warmth of love!

Daniel and Nate

How can they possibly thrive...

Jared and Eric

When they are bedridden and lacking sufficient food?

Lacking basic stimulation and the opportunity to learn about the world?

Are they not letting their leaves fall and hunkering down for the winter?

Protecting themselves from the chilling blast of the winter wind?

When will the winter be over?

 Camille and Paul

When will the warm summer sunshine fill their souls with hope?

Who will give them the love they need to grow and blossom?

They are most certainly NOT firewood...

They are precious children!

They are waiting for spring!

 Camille and Jordan

Don't you want to see them blossom?

What beauty the world is missing...

By hiding them away!

Think it's too late for them to bloom?

Here's what love did for one little boy!

Seth the day his parents met him...

(After spending the previous 3 months in a bleak institution...)

Seth three months later!

Just look what love has done!

The warmth and sunshine have made SUCH a difference for this dear little boy!

He is blossoming and growing and thriving!

He was just waiting for spring!

You can read more about Seth and his amazing progress on this blog!


Please don't give up on the waiting ones who are still enduring a frightful winter!

Please consider choosing a child to pray for...

Donate to their adoption grant fund if you are able...

Share their story with others...

And pray about whether you might possibly be the springtime (family)...

A child is waiting for!

Could one of them be yours?
Noah and Jake

To read more about any of these children or donate to their funds...

Just click on their names under their pictures!

It's time for Spring!

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