Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Two in less than seven days!


Two of my kids were found in one weeks time!

First Genesis!

Leaving the institution to go home with a family of her OWN!

Pray that it will be soon!

I'm sure her family would be delighted for any help you can give with the finances!

Currently she has $47.50 in her fund.

Sweet, beautiful and MUCH - loved Marissa!

This sweetie, who has been crying to come home...

Has had at least TWO Mama's wanting her!

Soon you will be able to go to your very OWN home Marissa!

To donated to Marissa's grant fund click here.

Marissa has $383 in her fund right now.

Please pray for comfort for the Mama who found Marissa was already taken before she was able to commit to her!
Though happy that Marissa will have a home, I know she is disappointed not to not to have the privilege of being her Mama!


  1. Thank you, Pam for the kinds words. You're very sweet.

  2. Praying for the other mama who wanted to adopt Marissa! I know how hard that is. :( Know that your role in her life is still important - your prayers and tears for her are not wasted. There is still a special child out there waiting for you, hun. :) Hang in there! This can be such a long road for many of us.