Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

If only it were true!!!!

I dreamed a lovely dream last night...

(If only it were true!!!)

I dreamed I opened up my eyes...

and you were standing there!

I was so shocked my heart nearly stopped!

My breath caught in my throat!

You scooped me up and held me close...

and kissed me o're and o're.

Sweet words within my ear you spoke

you held my little hand...

You snuggled me and cuddled me

and oh! it felt so right...

And then, oh grief! I did awake

and it was just a dream!

The walls were bleak

the room was cold

my stomach growled at me...

I shivered in the cold that night

and was so all alone

save for the moans and groans

which on my ear did fall

from other kids who just like me

were suffering in the dark.

Oh Mama where are you?

My heart for you does cry!

and every time I open my eyes

I hope to see your face!

Please, oh please come and get me soon

this place is oh so drear!

Please take me home to live with you

and comfort all my fears

and never never leave again

oh please be always near!

It need not be a mansion house

all I want is you!

If I but have sweet love and you

my heart will finely rest!

I'll breathe a sigh of sweet relief

and lay my head upon your chest.

Oh, Mama hold me tight so I will really know

that it is you and that you'll never go!

That I may wake and see your face

and know it's not a dream!

Please, oh please do come quickly!

I've waited oh so long!

My heart is nearly fainting now

My hope is almost gone!

I'm starving, sick & so worn out

I cannot wait much longer!

I'll try to hope a few more days

that maybe yet you'll come!

And when you come do hug me close

and make my dream come true!

If you would like more information about any of these dear waiting children...

Please click their picture or their name and you will be taken to their Reece's Rainbow page!

Most of these children have grant funds you can donate to if you are able!

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