Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Saturday, September 3, 2011

I want to go home -- will you be my Mommy?

Want to see a beautiful child?

Just look at this sweet, angelic face!

This is Marissa

She turned five last month.

She caught my eye when I was gathering pictures for my dreams post. I included her with many other children in that post, but decided she needed a special post of her own.

What is her story?

When she was 3 years old volunteers found her in very poor shape. she could hardly move and did not talk. They rescued her and took her to a clinic where she was cared for. At first she could not move her legs at all, but she progressed to being able to raise them over her head when she is lying down. She can talk now and her mental development is ahead of the other orphanage kids her age. They say she would fit in well with children raised in families. She has some development and speech delays but they say that she is "active and inquisitive" -- and look how far she has come with love and medical attention! She recently had surgery and it is hoped that she will walk one day! The volunteers give her individual attention, but she longs for a home of her own. She has even asked one of the volunteers to take her home! The saddest line in her profile is this:

"Marissa is literally heartbroken and is crying to be taken home."

Please, will you be my Mommy?

I want to go home SO much!

If you can't be my Mommy, can you help look for her?

or maybe you can help by giving something to my adoption account.
(My account currently stands at $293 - a lot more will be needed!)

God knows who my Mommy is - please pray she finds me soon!

(This information was taken from Marissa's Reece's Rainbow profile: click here to read more!)
(and click here to find out how to adopt!)

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  1. "Marissa is literally heartbroken and is crying to be taken home."

    when I read that line in your dreams post it broke my heart and it has just broken a second time! dear dear friend, thankyou for helping Marissa, i will add her to the gallery xxxxx

  2. dear Pam. I have added marissa's picture and a post update with a few words and am praying for her family to find her. Much love as always janexx