Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Friday, September 2, 2011

Following Dreams


Have you ever had a Dream?

The desire to do something new and interesting?
to better yourself and increase your skills?

I recently began an exciting step towards fulfilling one of my dreams...

The dream of becoming a Physical Therapist.
I began physical therapy school last week.

While I am following my dream...

Not everyone can.

I wonder what Emmitt dreams of doing?

Perhaps he dreams of being a Doctor to help kids get well.
Perhaps he'd like to be an engineer to design adaptive equipment to help kids that can't walk.

What about Victoria? What are her dreams?

Maybe she'd like to be a nurse.

And Berkley?

Maybe a teacher?

But you know, I think these kids probably have dreams that I never needed to have.

Dreams of learning to read one day.

Dreams of learning to walk...

Igor - Arthrogryposis and already transferred.

Yasmine - Cerebral Palsy -- she pulls to a stand and tries to get around...

Dreams to be able to see...

Of having enough food to eat.

Of having a Mom and Dad who would always love them no matter what.

Dreams to become lawyer maybe (if he just had a chance to learn what one is)?


Alix - smart and a leader despite his limitations

Dreams to go home.

Marcia -- isn't she precious!
Such basic things that I so often take for granted...

Things that I've always had...

Are but dreams to these children...

Silas - Cerebral Palsy and already transferred.

Dreams that they cannot pursue on their own...

Elena - Cerebral Palsy

Dreams that will never come true...

Elizaveta -- Arthrogryposis


a miracle happens.

Will you be a part of the miracle?

Will you help a child's dream come true?

You can help by praying for their families to find them...

Sharing their plight with others....

and donating to their individual grant funds.

(I've linked each child to their Reece's Rainbow profile. For those who have grant accounts you will see a donation link under their picture on the Reece's Rainbow site.)

While not every dream may be possible in this life, let's pray that their biggest dream...

the dream of their very own Mama and Papa...

who will love them as their very own...

will come true very soon!

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  1. Great post!!! I have some good news!! Elena is going to be adopted!!! Her parents have built her a bedroom and are trying to get to her as fast as they can!

  2. Pam,
    Congratulations on starting physical therapy school!!! That is so great!
    Wishing you the best as you embark on this new journey and praying that all these precious little ones have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams as well...

  3. pam thats wonderful please keep us updated in your new venture i am so excited for youxx and your post really touched me. it just says it all xxxx

  4. Hi, you seem young to care so deeply about the orphans of the world. I believe I am Marissa's mom but there are obsticles in the way.

  5. Oh Rosie! That's wonderful. God can move mountains! Praying that he will remove the obstacles so that you can get to Marissa quickly!

  6. As I officially sent in a letter about Marissa I found out she was just recently spoken for. Though it's heartbreaking for me I wish her all the happiness in the world with her new family. If you by chance come upon their blog, please post it. She will be forever in my heart. Rosie.