Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Will they wait in vain? - Blog Blitz!

Your life started out with abandonment...

You were deserted by your first Mom and Dad...

The Doctor said there was no hope...

So your parents felt they couldn't cope...

So they left you in an orphanage...

And hoped it was for the best...

But despite this dismal start in life...

There was at least one glimmer of hope...

When you were listed for adoption!

Perhaps, yes, perhaps a family would choose you!

And make you forever their own...

Oh then you could have a life filled with laughter and love!

What a wonderful day that would be!

But alas...

You waited and waited in vain!

Somebody chose your sister...

But decided they couldn't take you...

You waited, and waited, and waited...

And then you waited some more!

Would nobody EVER choose you?

What would you say to the world...

If you could have a voice?

I don't need to live in a mansion...

And my parents don't have to be famous!

I just need a Mama and Papa to love me!

To wipe away my tears!

To tell me I'm somebody special...

And give me a chance to grow, learn, and shine!

Oh Please...

Will you be my family?


Please consider helping one or more of these children by sharing their need with others, donating to their grant funds, or considering if one of them could be yours.

To read more about any of these children or donate to their grant fund click on the names below the pictures!

To learn more about adoption click here.


Sunday July 15 is a blog blitz day!

We are focusing on some of the children who have been listed with Reece's Rainbow the longest yet are still waiting for a family of their own.

Please read and share links to one or more of the blogs below - we want these kids to be seen so their families can find them and their long wait can come to an end!
(The blog blitz posts should be up July 15 - if perchance you catch one of us before the post is up - do come back!)

Blog Blitz participating blogs:

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Group 5:

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Group 12:

*Various Kids from Various Groups:

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