Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ivan - Unlock his potential!

Cute little guy...

With the sad little eyes...

Oh how he needs a Mama!

Mama's and Papa's and love and exercises can make such a huge, HUGE difference!

Want to see?

Renee's daughter has a very similar condition to Ivan...

In her post Renee compares her daughter's pictures with Ivan's...

They look so similar!

Her daughter has made astounding progress...

While Ivan waits unchanged...

He needs love and hope...

He needs some stretches too...

He has SOOO much potential...

If someone will give him a chance!

Here's another picture of him.

Super cute!

Don't you think?

And here is a second post about Renee's darling daughter...

I'd love to see Ivan doing these things...

Wouldn't you?

Please pray for Ivan and share his story to help his family find him!

To read Ivan's Reece's Rainbow profile or donate to his adoption grant fund click here!


In case you haven't done so yet do check out Renee's blog!

The beautiful story and picture's of her daughter's amazing progress will touch your heart!

Here are her 2 posts I mentioned above!

Post 1 (Including comparison with Ivan and a great story!)

Post 2  (Renee's daughter is referred to as "Moxie" in this post - and she has an amazing accomplishment to show you!)

(Note The money for Renee's next adoption has now been raised.  She and her family are now in country to adopt 3 more special children!)

Precious Ivan!

While we cannot predict his potential with absolute certainty (every child is different!)...

He will surely not reach his full potential without the love and encouragement of a family!

He will be transferred to an institution where he will likely be bedridden for life...

A boring, miserable life :(

Oh he needs a chance!

He may just surprise the world and amaze doctors like Renee's darling daughter...

If he only has the opportunity!

Is  Ivan  your son?

If not...

Share, Share, SHARE!

His Mama and Papa have to be out there somewhere!


There are more darling Ivan pictures here!

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