Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How can we tell him No? - Teamwork Tuesday - R.J.

What does R.J. stand for?

I don't know, but Robert Junior would make a good name don't you think?

How special it would be to be named for his Daddy!

We could call him Bobby!

At 3 1/2 years old how do you suppose he spends his day?

Playing trucks in the sandbox with his brother?

Helping Daddy build a BIG block tower...

And then making it come crashing down?

Riding on Daddy's shoulders as he visits the zoo?

(Do you suppose he'd like the monkeys best... or the giraffes?)

Sitting on Daddy's lap listing to his favorite storybook?

Rocking with Mama wrapped in a fuzzy blanket and snuggling his teddy bear when it's almost time for bed?

If ONLY this were "Bobby's" life!

Do you see that faraway look in his eyes?

Can you see how much he would LOVE to have the wonderful happy life above...

Surrounded with loving family and simple pleasures?

Sadly, poor "Bobby" doesn't have these things...

Instead of heading for preschool "Bobby" will be TRANSFERRED to a mental institution when he is 4 years old - FOUR!

A life sentence from which he cannot escape unless...

Unless somebody chooses to make him their son!

Look at his sweet face!

How can we tell him "No?"

How can we tell him a mental institution is best for him?

That he can't learn or have a happy life just because he has down syndrome?

He could fill a family's life with so much love!

If you are in a position to adopt please consider Bobby (R.J.)!

(You can read more about How to Adopt Here!)

If not...

Can you help his Daddy and Mama find him by sharing his story with others and praying they find him soon?

He's waiting...

Headed for a lifetime of institutionalization...

Unless his family finds him...

He has no voice but ours!

Please Share!


This is a Teamwork Tuesday post...

Where we join together to spread the story of one precious child!

This week is for  R.J.!

Together we can make a difference...

Will you join us?

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