Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Special Gift - Ivan Pictures!

What can be more special than pictures of your children...

Especially when they are far away?

Sometimes adoptive parents only have the privilege of having one picture of their chosen child...

One picture to cling to...

One picture to hold in their heart till the day they can cross the ocean and see their child face to face!

Oh what a joy it is for them to receive new pictures if they come!

Well there is ONE special Mama out there...

(Though she may not know it yet!)

Who can have not just one...

But NINE pictures of her precious son!

Who might that son be?

Dear precious Ivan!

What a treasure!

A precious gift!

Nine precious pictures of one precious boy!

Now if we could just find his Mama!

She's missing her special gift!

And he's waiting for the best gift of all...

His very OWN Mama!

While we're waiting for his Mama...

Would you like to take a peak at her special gift package?

Here it is!

Waiting for Mama!

In the baby walker...

(My favorites!)

Sleepy boy's needs his Mama!

Can you imagine this precious boy lying down in bed for the rest of his life?

What a terrible fate!

But it's likely to be his future if he is not adopted...

Bedridden in a mental institution...

A life sentence that can be AVERTED if his Mama finds him!

Hurry Mama! 

I'm waiting for your!

You are my only hope!

I am more precious than these pictures!

Please share my pictures with my Mama so she knows I'm here!

Share them everywhere cause you never know who she might be!

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You can read more about Ivan or donate to his adoption grant fund HERE.

You can learn more about how to adopt HERE!

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