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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Help Them Join the Club!

Here is Sharing Sunday post number 2!

I wanted to tell you about a neat fundraiser that Jenny is doing over at Zero the Zeros!

Jenny has a heart for the big kids at Reece's Rainbow!

She noticed many children who were 6 years old or older...

Who had $0 dollars in their grant funds...

And she set out to make a change!

Her first goal was to get rid of all those zeros!

And she has been successful!

All the children ages 6 and older that have grant funds now have at least a little money in their funds!

Isn't that great!

But Jenny is not stopping yet!

She has set a new goal!

That goal is for each child ages 6 and up to have at least $20 in their grant fund by Easter!

It's a big job - but very possible if we all help!

Can you help at least one child join Jenny's $20 club?

Here are a few of the kids who need to join the club...

Carter and  Nathan  $6 each...

Russ and Marcus - $10 each...

Jason - $11

Jason is in a remote institution and needs to be set free!

Look at that beautiful smile!

Silas - $11

Darling boy! 

 A fundraiser especially for Silas is coming soon (stay tuned for more details)!

Joey - $5

Patrick - $11

Glenn - $5

Can you help one of these boys join the $20 club?

Or go to one of the following links and choose a child, any child who has less than $20 in his or her fund!

Children with Down Syndrome

Children with HIV

Children with Other Special Needs

Help a child join the club today!

Follow Jenny's blog to stay up to date with how the fundraiser is going!

Here are a couple of her recent posts!

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  1. fantastic...thank you so much for sharing xxx

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my $20 club campaign - I need all the help I can get !! :):)