Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Victoria!!!!

Victoria -- It's December 12 - your special day!

And you are a special girl!

V - Vivacious & Victorious
I - Intelligent
C - Cheerful & Courageous
T - Talented & Teachable
O - Open to Opportunity
R - Radient & Resilient
I - Inspirational
A -  Aspiring

Despite the box society puts you in because of your disability...

Despite the fact that you've been hidden away without opportunities to learn and thrive...

Your smile shines through!!!!

The world is missing out on your sweet heart...

Missing out on what you have to give...

Missing out on what you can become if you are only given the chance!

You are a special girl that needs to be noticed and appreciated for the special person God made you to be!

I pray that a Mama & Papa will soon see your face!

That' they'll see in you the beauty and potential that society has overlooked...

That they'll see your possibilities instead of your disabilities...

And give you the love and opportunity you've been waiting for so long!

Happy 9th Birthday SweetVictoria!!!

I'm thinking of you today!!!

Thank you so much to my kind blog friend (you know who you are) who gave my girl a birthday gift!

If anyone else would like to bless my dear Victoria with a Birthday gift to her grant fund to help her get a family you can donate here.

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