Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last Chance for Kyle...

Kyle will be 14 in February...

Sadly, he is an orphan and will be turned out of the orphanage to fend for himself if he is not adopted...

On his own at 14 years old?

Can you imagine?

Where will he live?

How could he possibly pay rent?

How could he earn sufficient money to support himself?

Would he turn to crime as his only hope of survival?

What sad options he faces!

Yet there remains a very small hope...

He needs a family to commit to him by this Friday, December 31.

He needs to be adopted by his birthday in February.

He needs a family who is already adopting from China to add him to their adoption.


Not with God!

Will you pray?

Will you share his story?

Please go to Adeye's blog for more information...

Or Contact Annie  right here. to find out if you could be his family or for more information about Kyle..

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  1. oh boy urgent for sure...praying praying praying!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx