Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Forgotten Little Darlings

Grab This!

Have you heard of the ANGEL TREE at Reece's Rainbow? The angel tree is a special fundraiser for waiting children with down's syndrome.  If you donate $35 to one of the angel tree children's fund you will get a Christmas ornament with your child's picture on it!  The hope is to raise at least $1000 additional grant money for each child on the tree to help them get a family!  Sadly some of the angel tree darlings wait on the tree year after year...  

Julia is having a special fundraiser & giveaway for some of the children who have been on the angel tree the longest...  (Please go to Julia's blog for details and to be entered to win!)  They have been on the tree for more than one year and still they wait :(  While others have been chosen they've been forgotten and passed by!  These special kids are pictured below!  Donate $5 to any two of them & tell Julia to be entered to win!

Look at these faces!

Notice them now!

Could one of them be yours?

Jin Wu
Jin Wu - Isn't he a cutie?
An escort could bring him home to you - NO travel required!

Dear Little Paul looks dejected and alone...
Could you make him feel special and put a light in his eyes?
He needs a mama!

Arina is waiting for someone like you to notice how special she is!

Yegor - Handsome young man waiting to surprise you with all he can learn!

Dmitry - who will see the beauty of his heart?

Mark - Why has no one claimed this cutie?

Meredith - Another waiting darling!

Nikita - Imagine the transformation if he knew he was loved!

Robyn - This big smile could light up your home with extra special joy!

Sergei - He's waiting for you!
He has a $7,230 grant to help you bring him home!


Danila - Eager to know you!

Spencer - Charming young man waiting to capture your heart!

Artem - This beautiful boy could light up your life!
Is money an issue?  Not with this boy -- he has a HUGE grant of $16,777!!!

These beauties are waiting in orphanages for someone to love them and bring them home!

Is one of them yours?

Click here to learn how to adopt!

Please consider donating at least $5 to two of these children to help them find their family and for a chance to win!

You can find their pictures on the angel tree and donate here!

Share their pictures on your blog, facebook, twitter... for another chance to win...

These babies need to be seen...  To be noticed & remembered!

Please go to Julia's blog now for prize details and to have your name entered in the giveaway !

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