Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Friday, February 8, 2013

Look who's getting a sister!!!!

That's right!

Victoria's Mama and Papa have decided to bring TWO sweet girls home!

Victoria and Gillian will be sisters!

The girls are less than a year apart in age...

Imagine how much fun they will have together!

Playing dolls...

Cooking with their very own mama...

Pillow fights...

Telling secrets...

I am SO happy for them!!!!

Sweet girls your family is coming SOON!!!

The dossier paperwork has already been submitted to your government...

So your wait is almost over!

Soon you will meet your Mama and Papa!

And big brothers and sisters too!

You are loved sweet girls...

And soon you will be HOME!!!!

You can read more about Victoria and Gillian's family HERE!


 I hope Emmitt will soon have a happy family too!

Emmitt 2013 (2)

And Colin and Leo...

And Jordan and Janna and Stellan...

And I could list so many, many more...

Have you considered adoption?

It makes a difference...

An AMAZING difference in the lives of children!

It's about to make a WORLD of difference for Victoria and Gillian!

Who will be next?


You can learn more about the adoption process HERE!

Not everyone can adopt - it's true!

But most of us can help in some small way!

Can you pray and share today?

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