Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Guess Where?

Guess where this place is?


No idea?


Maybe this next picture will help...

It has to do with...

Emmitt 2013 (2)

"My" sweet Emmitt!

That's right!

These are pictures from Emmitt's orphanage complex - Orphanag 67!

Renovations Needed

There are three buildings at the institution...

But only TWO are in use...

Because of this the residents are overcrowded!

The third building is currently unusable due to disrepair...

But their is good news!

Life2Orphans has been given permission to help with renovations!

We have an opportunity to make a difference!

When the building is repaired the children will be able to be spread out between the buildings...

This will allow a place for a PLAY AREA in each of the rooms!

The first phase of the project is to raise $4000 for new windows...

To protect the children from the cold in winter...

And the sweltering heat of summer!

I hope that Emmtt will soon have a family...

Emmitt 2013 (2)

He has a small window of time yet to be adopted...

I pray he'll get out in time!

But there are many in his institution who sadly will not have that opportunity...

CZI_9025 2

And we have the opportunity to make their lives at least a little bit more comfortable!

If you are able I encourage you to make a donation by pressing the link below...

Life2Orphans/Orphanage 67 Fundraiser

Donations are tax deductible in the US!

Even if you are unable to donate at this time...

You can still make a difference by your prayers...

And by sharing this need with others!

Thanks SO much to Life2Orphans for giving permission to use these pictures from their website to help raise funds for this worthy project!

You can visit Life2Orphans at the link below:

They are helping many deserving orphans to have a better life!

I obtained the information above from Life2Orphans and from Debbie!

You can visit Debbie's blog post about this project HERE.

Two other bloggers have written about this project - you read their posts them  HERE and HERE!

Thank you for your prayers and support for Emmitt and the other children in Orphange 67!

Emmitt 2013 (2)

You can read more about Emmitt HERE!

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