Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Friday, February 10, 2012

So Many Faces!

So many children in desperate need of a family!

Pictured here are only a few of the many, many who are waiting for a better life...

A life of love and family!

(Be sure to read to the bottom for an important link!)

Jason - Transferred to a remote institution

Vitaly is in the institution...
He "will regress every day he is in this place."

Yasmine - Transfer Imminent

Glen is in a mental institution

Laurel ages out in August

Maxim - 14 years old
In the institution for 10 years 
Needs an operation he cannot receive in his country

Emmitt - 14 years old
He's been waiting soooo long!

My dear Victoria
How long must she wait in the institution?

Silas - waiting in the institution...

Go to Steph's Blog to enter the giveaway!

Can you choose at least one child to help or pray for?

Click on their names to read more about them or donate to their fund!

Now for the important link!

Adeye at No Greater Joy Mom has created a wonderful post for the children in desperate need...

If you know of a child in DESPERATE need...

You can link them to her post!

Over 100 children are listed now!

She just asks that you only link children in desperate need...

Children who have been transferred (or are soon to be transferred)...

Children in urgent need of medical treatment...

And children who are about to age out (be too old for adoption).

And the sad faces too...

And pray that their families will find them in time!

Chose one to help if you are able!

Advocate!  Donate!  Adopt!  Pray!

Please consider linking Adeye's post to your blog or facebook...

Let's get those faces out there...

So hopefully their families will see them!

Whatever way you can help is a blessing to the children who wait!

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