Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
Click the picture to see children who are waiting for a family.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Mountain

You've seen the faces...

You've heard of their plight...


And destined for mental institutions...

At the young age of 4, 5, or 6 years old...

Deemed unfit for society simply because of their physical or mental struggles...

The most vulnerable and helpless...


And LONGING for a family!

You've heard!

You've wept!

You'd love to make a difference!

You'd love to adopt...


The mountain is SOOOO big!

I mean, who has an extra $20-40 thousand lying around...

Totally available to pay for the paperwork fees, plane tickets, and all the other fees and expenses related to adoption?

It seems so impossible - why even start?


Have you seen the Moving Mountains page at Reece's Rainbow?
(The children above are ALL listed there!)

This very special page features children who have $2,500 or more in their grant funds...

Some have a little more...
And others have a LOT more!!!!

Meet some of the children on this extra special page!!!

Isn't he Darling!
$4,190 already in his fund!

Almost out of time!
She MUST have a family by August - before it's too late!
She has TWO grants!
$3,410.59 + $2000 = $5,410.59!!!

$6,471 is available to help shrink your mountain!

Bernadette! - 15 years old
She needs a family before her birthday in November or she will become intelligible for adoption!
You can save her from a life sentence in an institution!
$8,867.60 !!!!

Super Smart!
Lots of great information in her profile!!!

What a Cheery Smile!

Facing IMMINENT Institutionalization!!!
Can you help?
His mountain has shrunk!!!
$15,015.14 - WOW!!!

What a Cutie
$15,924.40 !!!

Transferred to an Institutution :(
Bad picture :(
But this sweetie has one good thing in her favor!
Check out her GRANT!!!!!
Yes, you read that right - She has MORE than $20 thousand dollars in her grant fund!!!!

OK - she does live in one of the more expensive regions ($35-$40 thousand needed)...
But over HALF that mountain is GONE!!!!

No, I didn't list all the kids on the Moving Mountains page!!!

Head on over to see who else is listed there!

These kids mountains have shrunk!!!

Could one of them be yours?

You can learn more about any of these children by clicking on their names!


  1. Hi Pam! I am so happy that you put Stacy AND Elden in your blogpost. I felt a calling to blog about Stacy yesterday, but I have written about Elden so many times so it is wonderful to see other people advocating for him (and the others!) too.