Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Too Old???

Everyone loves the cute little babies...

They are so cuddly...

And sweet...

And easy to love!

But why is it that when we grow up

Maxim Age 14

We don't seem as attractive anymore?

Alexis Age 11

Are we too old to love?

Laurel Age 15

I suppose the Mama's and Papa's want little ones...

So they can watch them grow up...

So they don't miss celebrating as many developmental milestones...

They hope a young child won't have as many institutional behaviors.

Sammy Age 3

They want to watch the child grow up for as much of their life as possible.

Carlton Isn't he CUTE!
Age 4 and Facing Transfer!!!

Of course they want to save the little ones from a life like ours!

And that's admirable!

(The babies need homes too...And I certainly wouldn't wish our life on them!)

But I wish someone would come for us too!

Victoria - will be 9 in December

Maybe they are scared of us?

Makayla Age 10 -- Weighs 22 lbs!
Act fast! RR only has her file for a short time!

Maybe they fear we won't bond?

Veronika age 10

But Oh!

We've waited SOOO long!

Kolya Age 11

Some of us have already spent years in bed...

Emmitt Age 13


Anna Age 9

And Waiting...

Kristie Age 11

And WAITING some more!

Tyler Age 12
Artistically talented -- wants a family!

Will the day ever come?

Gregory Age 9

When a mama comes specially for us?

Patrick Age 8

We watched other kids get Mama's & Papa's...

Anastasia Age 9

Will our turn ever come?

Karen Age 15 and Crystyna age 9

Maybe they think we are too old...

Julie Age 13

But we still long for love!

Alexander Age 9

Please don't forget us!

Alex Age 10

We're waiting for you!

Cate Almost 9

The big kids at Reese's Rainbow!

PS Did you know!!! Most of the big kids can have their own grant funds now! Even those 10 and older! This is a new opportunity! Since this option has not been available long, many of the older kids have $0.00 or only small grants now. Why not choose a big kid to advocate and pray for today! And if perchance you see your child here act fast! They've waited so SO long!

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  1. Thank you for this post... My heart has been heavy for the "older" kids lately too.
    God, give Your people the courage to move beyond our fears and embrace these children who are so precious in Your sight!

  2. Thanks so much for this beautiful post! ♥ It hurts to see these kids my age and older needing families... praying for them!

  3. brilliant post. wonderful you linked up. emmitt has my heart xxxxx