Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Passport Emergency!!!

Please note -- this post has been updated at the end!!!

Be sure to read the update before taking action!!!

God is working -- Keep Praying!

See this sweet boy?

This is Tanner.

He HAS a family working very hard to bring him home!


This week something terrible happened...

The family was robbed on Oct. 12.

The thief took some of their electronics...

And also took a box that contained their passports, birth certificates, and other important adoption documents!

They are trying so hard to meet the deadline to have their dossier submitted before Tanner's country closes for the holidays!

They need to have everything finished by early November...

They urgently need to replace their passports order to be able to RE-DO 17 documents for their adoption.

They don't have TIME to wait 2 or 3 weeks for normal passport expediting...

In order to do second day passports they need to raise $990.

They are about $330 short right now.

I'm sure they could use more than the $990 too...

They will also have to get new notarizations and apostilles...

Then there are the electronics...

Can you help?

Can you spare at least a small donation so sweet Tanner won't have to wait to come home?

I'm sure the family would be ever so grateful!

The link to the family blog post with the chip-in is here.

If you would like more details of what they lost in the robbery click here.


Some friends told Tanner's family about a place where they can hopefully walk in and get their passports within 5 days for about $170 for each passport!!!

They find out on Monday whether this is a possibility to do this.

Tanner's Mama sent a e-mail to everyone who donated through the chipin../

She was so blessed and moved by the support given.

The only thing she was raising money for was the passports...

So if it turns out that they are able to get the passports for the cheaper price, she has graciously offered to give everyone a full refund.

Here is a post telling the story:

Absolutely Speechless

Tanner's Mama wanted all the supporters to be able to read it so they could know the updated information!

Thanks for your prayers for this family!!!

Even if they are able to get the cheaper passport, they still need prayers for all the paperwork...

As well as prayers for God to protect them from identity theft....

Return of important papers and other stolen items if possible...


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  1. oh my!! why oh why do people do things like this! thankyou so much for sharing xxxxx

  2. My heart just broke. I will be praying that they find that box on their doorstep.

  3. oh my what a story. praying for the family
    added my post :)