Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Miracles Needed! Please Pray!!!!

I want to share with you two families and their children who desperately need our prayers!

This is Nathaniel

Nathanael in March/April

He has a family that wants to adopt him!

They have ALREADY completed their dossier.

Because hydrocephalus is not on the current "approved" special needs list...

They have been WAITING for the list to be updated so their dossier can be submitted.

This in and of itself needs prayer!


They just received word that Nathaniel's birth Mom

(who has already given up her rights)

will CONTEST his adoption!

The family is praying for God to change his mother's heart!

Without surgery to take care of his hydrocephalus...

Nathaniel will DIE!

He needs medical attention urgently!

The more the pressure builds up in his head, the more brain damage is likely to happen!

Imagine the headaches he must have!

Please pray for deliverance for this sweet boy quickly!

You can visit the family blog here!

I'm sure they would love to know you are praying!

The second prayer request is for Bradley!

Bradley and his two brothers...

and Brooks

Have a family working hard to get through the paperwork to bring them home!

Bradley, the oldest, is deaf.

Because of his age he is due to be transferred!

If this happens, his adoption will be more complicated -- maybe impossible!

Quoting from the family blog...

"I asked the question:"I know it would be more difficult, but is it still possible to get him out if he's transferred?"

"Nancy's answer: It totally depends where he gets transferred to, some places just do not allow adoptions at all and if it is very far away then you will need 2 dossiers and 2 court dates and you would be doing a totally separate adoption ($9k)"

Pray that if possible, he will not be transferred before his family can get to him!

And pray that if he is transferred, he will still be able to be adopted without added expense!

You can visit the family blog here to learn more, and to let the family know you are praying!

Update: Bradley's family wrote an update yesterday(Thursday) with more specific ways to pray!

Hear is the post:

Please click on it so you will have more detail for your prayers!

Thanks for praying!

"For with God nothing shall be impossible." Luke 1:37

Want a CURRENT example of what God can do?

Check out the amazing answer to last weeks prayers for Tanner's family here!

If you missed my first post about Tanner's family's "Passport Emergency" click here to catch up!

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  1. I just wanted to thank you for the prayers. God is working things out in ways I never dreamed possible. Check out the story here:

    But please continue to pray. Nothing is certain until the boys are home, but I am so thankful to know we have such a powerful God that can protect our boys, even when we can't.