Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Super Shirts for Helen! Sharing Sunday!

I went looking for a fundraiser to share with you all, and here is one I found.

Super Shirts for Helen

Before I show you the shirts let me show you who they are helping!

Here is Helen -- Please read her info -- she needs to come home!

Girl, born February 2008


Hazel eyes

Blonde hair

This little girl was both (February 2008) unfortunate and blessed from the very beginning of her life: despite being born with severe health problem and being rejected by her biological parents, she was lucky to be cared by her doctors and volunteers. They have raised money and bought her an expensive feeding catheter without which she could not survive. She was born with severe intestinal problems that required multiple surgeries; the earliest was performed right after she was born. The latest just took place and, although quite rare, was very successful. Now this three year old girl can begin to eat her own food. She is absolutely fascinated with dry pretzels. Despite being in severe pain during most part of her life, Helen is a very radiant, happy little girl. She is very much a girl; she loves loves pretty dresses, ribbons and attention. She is slightly shy at first with “outsiders” but all smiles and sunshine to her caregivers. She is very gentle and kind to children she knows well from her hospital stay. With them she has a very fine sense of fairness and often acts as a mediator in children’s conflicts on the hospital playground—a natural leader. She is well taken care by her nanny (hired through money collected by volunteers) and despite being very small is a very developed and a bright child. Unfortunately she cannot live in the hospital forever and soon will be sent to the orphanage for handicapped children, where her survival is not guaranteed; no-one will feed her special food or clean her catheter daily. Helen has never been outside of the hospital walls. The head doctor of this hospital is her ward. She is a very quiet and smiley child. No mental problems, her development corresponds her age.

Helen has short intestine syndrome. She also has an endocardiac catheter (a Broviak catheter is installed into the cavity of the right auricle, the child receives a partial parenteral food). More medical information is available to prospective adoptive parents.

Here are the shirts!


They have a wide range of sizes...

From 6 months to adult XXX large.

For more details or to order click here

If you don't want a shirt you can always donate!

Helen's family already adopted 2 children from Eastern Europe...

They had decided NOT to adopt again (at least not till later)...

But, God moved and they said yes!

To read the story of how Helen's family found her click the following links!

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