Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Your Faces WILL be seen! | Reece's Rainbow Waiting Children

My dear forgotten boys...

Colin and Leo...


It's YOUR TURN now!

You've waited for years...

Your faces often overlooked...

In the sea of many faces...

That fill the pages of waiting kids on Reece's Rainbow!

But NOW...

It is YOUR TURN to be seen!

(At least right here on my little blog!)

Oh sweet boys...

I hope that somehow...

Some way...

Whether on this blog or not...

Your family will see your sweet faces...


And know that you are theirs!

I pray that soon you will not only be seen...

But chosen!

Chosen to belong to a family of your very own!


You can learn more about Colin and Leo by clicking on their names in this post!


Colin and Leo may be adopted separately or together!
(They are not brothers - yet!)

You can learn more about the adoption process HERE.


Yes, you may have noticed a change in my blog!

I'm shifting my focus to Colin and Leo...


Because my dear sweet Emmitt now has a family and no longer needs advocacy to find one!

Emmitt 2013 (2)

You can read about his wonderful family on their Reece's Rainbow family sponsorship page HERE!

If you are able, you may also make a donation to help Emmitt's family with the adoption expenses so he can come home soon!
(Donations are tax-deductible in the US!)

Thank you SO MUCH for all your prayers and support of Emmitt!

They made a difference for him!

Soon he will be HOME!


You can learn more about Reece's Rainbow or view other waiting children on their website at:

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