Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Emmitt has a FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look, Look, LOOK!!!!!!!

At this Link!!!!

Can you believe he's really there?

Emmitt 2013 (2)

Emmitt is on the My Family Found Me page!!!!!


Sweet boy, your turn has come at last!

Your wait is almost over!

Soon you will be home with a family of your own!

So happy for you and your lucky family whoever they may be!


And there is even more good news!

Victoria's family sponsorship page says they have a very important meeting on March 4...

Tomorrow they have the appointment with her government to ask for a referral for her and her new sister Gillian!


That means Victoria and Gillian will probably MEET their new family THIS WEEK!!!


Emmitt 2013 (2)

Victoria and Emmitt have been my two special kids for a long time now...

So glad they will soon officially be orphans NO MORE!!!!

Please pray for them and their families that the process will go quickly and smoothly so they can come home soon!!!!

Pray also for a smooth transition to their new families!

Emmitt 2013 (2)

Happy, Happy Day!!!!!

Congratulations Emmitt, Victoria, and Gillian!!!!!!

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