Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Consider Me! | Reece's Ranbow Waiting Child

Big brown eyes and a lonely heart...

Longing for a Mama to call my own!

Please oh please don't pass me by!

I've been waiting for someone like you...

Won't you stop and take a look?

Stop and consider if there just might...

Be room in your heart and home...

For a little boy like me?

My cerebral palsy is only mild...

So I can even walk!

They say I am a delightful child...

I'd absolutely blossom with your love!

Please oh please consider me!

Your waiting son,


You can find more posts about Kurt (and pictures too!) at his prayer warrior's blog HERE!

You can read Kurt's Reece's Rainbow profile or donate to his grant fund HERE.

You can learn more about how to adopt HERE.

Sharing and praying help Kurt too!


This is a Teamwork Tuesday post...

Where we join together to spread the story of one precious child!

This week is for  Kurt!

Together we can make a difference...

Will you join us?


I posted this for a Teamwork Tuesday last August...

But Kurt is still waiting :(

Teamwork Tuesday is featuring Kurt again today so I'm re-posting!

Pease consider Kurt!!!!


UPDATE (March 6, 2013) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kurt is on the My Family Found Me Page!!!!!!!!!!!

He has a family coming!!!!!!

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