Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Way to much time behind bars!

Have you ever wondered...


What it would be like to live behind bars?


Would you make the best of it by smiling like me?


What thoughts would go through your mind?


Would you wonder what you could possibly have done...

To end up being there?


To be behind bars as a baby at nap time is not so terribly bad....

But we're awake now!

Caleb and Charity

And so ready to get OUT!


If I could just get out and explore...


My life would be SOOO much more interesting!

Cole and Beckett


Bars or the stroller are neither one good...

I just want to be free!

Please show me that you care...

I LONG to get out of here!


Being in bed all alone is so lonely!

I'm sorry to get angry - But it's just not fair!

I've done nothing to deserve this life!

My room is FULL of bars!

Please notice me!

I spend ALL my time in bed :(


I think I'm a bit too big for these bars...

I've been here so long I've nearly given up hope of ever being free!


I smiled when I was little - despite my bars...

But now I'm losing hope!


Being in bed is so lonely...


Will I have to lie behind bars for my WHOLE life?

I'm not sure how long I can live like this...

I'm so sick and hungry and sad...

How old must I be before they let me out?


Please don't forget us...


We're innocent - but we spend WAY too much time behind bars!


Some of us get to get out sometimes...

For at least a little while!


But others of us almost NEVER get that chance...

It's sure time for that to change!

Can you help us?

To start, read more about us by clicking on our names...

Carlton - (He's super smart and facing transfer - HELP!)

Then pray, donate, or adopt!

And please consider sharing the story of our plight!

Please help find Moms and Dads for us so we can be set free!

You can learn more about adoption here:


As always Emmitt and Victoria are still waiting...

Along with all the others they deserve to be set free!


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  1. oh my goodness i can't even begin to understand how tortuous it must be for these kids! xxx