Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Save Genesis!!!

UPDATE November 20, 2011!!!!!!

Genesis has a family now!!!!

They've recently begun the adoption process -- pray it goes quickly so she can get out of the institution fast!

You can read the family's blog here!

To donate to her family's adoption fund click here!

This morning I read a post about Genesis on another blog --
and I decided to share her story with you too --
so that you can pray for her and maybe help her find her family.

This is sweet Genesis in her baby house orphanage...

She is blind, but she looks like she is having a great time!

The sad thing is -- because of her blindness and her age (she's passed her 4th birday) she has been transferred to an adult mental institution!

Here is the first picture I saw of her after her transfer....

So sad!! Where is her joy?

The next picture does look better thankfully....

.... but how long will her smile last?

She needs outta there fast!

A mental institution is not a place for an intelligent child who happens to be blind!

She needs a Mamma and Papa to love her and believe in her!

She needs to go to school -- she could learn to read braille!

Maybe she could get a loving service dog to help her get around!

There are a lot of happy options for Genesis -- if someone will give her a chance!

Let's save her smile!

How can you help?

First -- pray for her!

Second -- donate to her adoption fund if you are able. --
at the time of this writing her grant fund has only $47.50 in it:(

Third -- share her story with others!

Fourth -- If you could be her Mama or Papa -- go for it! The biggest blessing will be yours and God will be with you all the way!

Here's is information for prospective adoptive parents -- check it out! Maybe you CAN be Genesis' Family!

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Forget Me Not Fridays

Please Pray for my other sweet kids who are still waiting for their forever families to find them!

Valentine -- :) Yay Valentine's has a family now (You can visit their blog here!) -- their dossier has been submitted and they are waiting to receive a travel date! (Updated 11/20/2011)

Victoria -- Still waiting :(

Emmitt -- Still waiting :(

Thanks for praying for orphans!


  1. ahhh lovely lady, you are wonderful! Thankyou for your continued support to the Forget-Me-Not Friday linkup. I will make sure the four beautiful faces are added weekly now without any need for you to contact me. Its so lovely to have you on board...this week has been very quiet and I wondered if i was going to be on my own so i was so excited to see you link! thankyou xxxxx (dont forget i am on holiday for the next couple of weeks so there will be no linkup for a fortnight!)

  2. I just love that sweet little girl! What a joy she would be for a daughter!!!