Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Guess who I saw on the "My Family Found me Page"!!!!

Anthony!!!!! Anthony's family found him! Can't wait to see who they are and check out their blog! When I first saw Anthony's picture, his grant fund was very small. Over the months I've watched it grow and grow. I know he must have "fans" out there! His account grew until it got to a little over $20,000! Still, I was waiting and hoping someone would choose him. This evening I was sooo excited to see that at last his family has found him and has committed to adopt him! He looks like such a nice little boy, but he was destined for an institution where he would likely have been bedridden and neglected for life. Now he will receive the love of a family and the therapy he so much needs! Pray for his family as they jump the paperwork hurdles so they can get their boy home! Also pray for Anthony as he waits for them to arrive.

Update: Since I originally wrote this I learned more about Anthony's new family. The amazing thing is -- Anthony will have a new brother named ANTHONY who also has Cerebral Palsy! This family is well prepared to love and care for Anthony and to take care of his medical needs! God is so good --- he loves to work out details in amazing and perfect ways! To read about Anthony's new family (and donate if you feel so led) click here!

This post is part of the Forget me not Friday link up! Check it out here! This is a "good news" post about child that has been found - forgotten no longer!

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  1. so wonderful! the good news is what we all want and strive for! Thankyou dear blogworld friend for linking up again. xxx so wonderful to see you back. who would you like added to the gallery this week? jane xxxxxx