Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Two more amazing party guests - Best Friends who hope to be Forever Brothers!

Two more guests have arrived for Peter's Party!

And they are lovely boys indeed!

Marty and Gary are foster brothers and best friends!

They are both waiting for a family of their own...

And would love to be adopted together!

Gary is a very polite boy who loves to sing and is good with children...

He wants to be a teacher when he grows up.

Gary will be 12 in February.

Marty is good with computers, knows a lot of English words, and wants to be a teacher when he grows up!

Marty is already 13...

So his time is running out...

According to the rules of his country he must be adopted before his 14th birthday (next November)...

Or he will be ineligible for adoption...

Recently the agency interviewed the boys again about the possibility of adoption...

And this is what Marty said...

“This is the third time you have come here to meet with us… Why don’t we have a family yet?” 

Poor sweet boy!

No child should have to wait and hope for a family...

Family is a basic right!

But while Marty desperately wants a family...

Listen to what else he said...

“but if you can’t find me a family it will be OK because in the future I will be able to help other children find forever homes.” 

Sweet, sweet boy!

Do you have room for these sweet boys in your home?

They would make amazing sons!

To help with their adoption costs...

Each boy has a $3,000 agency grant...

And no required orphanage donation!

You can read more about these sweet boys by clicking on their names:


You can read more about the adoption process HERE.


I would like to thank Gary's and Marty's advocate for introducing these sweet boys to me and for donating to Peter to help him reach his angel tree goal...

To bring these lovely children to his party!

Please consider sharing to help MARTY and GARY  and Peter find their families and to help Peter reach his angel tree goal!

The party's not full yet...

There's still room for more!

For a $5 donation to Peter's grant fund...

The child of your choice will:

1. Have a place on my blog sidebar (space permitting) for 6 months
2.  Be included in a blog post
3. Be included in Peter's New Year's Party Blog post on January 1
4. Receive 5 entries in the drawing below!
** Those who donate $35 or more to Peter's adoption grant fund will also receive a Christmas ornament with Peter's picture on it from Reece's Rainbow! **

Donations are tax deductible and help Peter reach his $1,000 Angel Tree Goal!

Drawing for:
 A $25 donation to the child's grant fund and a blogpost all their own!

ONE entry for each share
[Share this blogpost and/or  any of Peter's previous party posts (HERE & HERE).]

THREE Entries for writing a blogpost for Peter
Each child who is invited to the party with a $5 donation will automatically receive FIVE entries.

To enter - Comment on this blog or e-mail Pam at

AND be sure to tell me:

----Which Child(ren) you invited to the party with a donation ($5 each child)

----How many shares and which child to enter into the drawing for your share(s).

----If you write a blogpost for Peter please give me the link so I can read and share it - (also tell me which child you want to receive the 3 entries for writing your blogpost for Peter)!

CLICK HERE to donate to Peter...
or to read about him (is he your son?)

CLICK HERE to visit the Angel Tree!

Thanks so much for helping Peter!


Need a last minute stocking stuffer...

Or a fun way teach your kids the joy of helping others?

Angel Tree Dollars are a great choice!

You can buy angel tree dollars...

Give them to your friends and loved ones for Christmas...

And your child,  family member or friend gets to go to Angel Tree...

And choose what child they want the donation to go to!

Perhaps they can make their chosen angel tree child their prayer child for the year...

And pray them home to their forever family!

Click HERE to read about and/or purchase Angel Tree Dollars!

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