Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Peter's First Party Guests!

Peter's guests have begun to arrive!

So far we have EIGHT to introduce...

The first to arrive was dear little Boden...

What a cutie he is!

He loves to snuggle!

Sadly he was abandoned at 3 years old...

And is still waiting for a family to make him their forever son!
(He's 7 now - don't let him grow up without a family of his own!)

He also needs help meeting his $1,000 Angel Tree goal!
($63 has been raised so far!)
His advocate has a Facebook page for him called Pennies for Boden - check it out HERE!
She is selling Children's (and adult) books to raise money for him - maybe you can find a Christmas present for someone on your list and help Boden at the same time!

Next to arrive is sweet little Crystal...

Though her country does not allow her picture to be displayed publicly...

She is a REAL little girl...

With pretty dark brown hair and eyes...

Who needs a real Mom or Dad like you!

Crystal also needs help reaching her $1,000 Angel Tree goal!
($121.50 has been raised so far.)


Lovely Laura was next to arrive...

She's said to be sweet, joyful, affectionate...

And she loves to laugh!

She is in a bilingual orphanage so she can understand some English!

What a lovely daughter she will be...

If she just gets the chance!


Then there is Kambry...

She's gentle and shy...

Waiting for a family of her very own...

To tell her what a treasure she is!


Adelaide, what a sweet little Miss!

She does well in her school work, and loves to help...

She'd make her Mom and Dad so proud...

But they haven't found her yet...

Is she yours?


Neal - what a darling...

Just listen to what he tells his caregivers every morning when he wakes up...

"I know my Mama is coming."

He's counting on you...

Won't you make his dream come true?


Lovely Gertie is already 12...

But don't let that frighten you!

She likes to draw, memorize songs and poems...

And studies hard in school!

She needs a family to cheer her on...

And tell her how special she is!

After all big girls need Mom's too!


Abigail is said to be a social butterfly...

Who is always smiling and joyful!

Oh just imagine what a treasure you'd have...

If you make this sweet girl your own!


Thanks so much to those who donated to Peter to help him reach his angel tree goal...

And brought these lovely children to his party!

You can read more about these children by clicking on their names in this post!

You can learn more about the adoption process HERE.

Please consider sharing to help these kids find their families and to help Peter reach his goal!

The party's not full yet...

There's still room for more!

For a $5 donation to Peter's grant fund...

The child of your choice will:

1. Have a place on my blog sidebar (space permitting) for 6 months
2.  Be included in a blog post
3. Be included in Peter's New Year's Party Blog post on January 1
4. Receive 5 entries in the drawing below!
** Those who donate $35 or more to Peter's adoption grant fund will also receive a Christmas ornament with Peter's picture on it from Reece's Rainbow! **

Donations are tax deductible and help Peter reach his $1,000 Angel Tree Goal!

Drawing for:
 A $25 donation to the child's grant fund and a blogpost all their own!

ONE entry for each share
[Share this Blogpost and/or Yesterday's blogpost (Find it HERE).]

THREE Entries for writing a blogpost for Peter
Each child who is invited to the party with a $5 donation will automatically receive FIVE entries.

To enter - Comment on this blog or e-mail Pam at

AND be sure to tell me:

----Which Child(ren) you invited to the party with a donation ($5 each child)

----How many shares and which child to enter into the drawing for your share(s).

----If you write a blogpost for Peter please give me the link so I can read and share it - (also tell me which child you want to receive the 3 entries for writing your blogpost for Peter)!

CLICK HERE to Donate to Peter...
or to read about him (is he your son?)

CLICK HERE to visit the Angel Tree!

Thanks so much for helping Peter!

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