Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Good news and bad... | Reece's Rainbow Children

Quick Update!!!

Good news for Sebastian!

Sebastian (1)

Sebastian has a family!

Just in the nick of time!

He's now 16...

But his family filed the immigration paperwork before his birthday...

So glad they found him in time!


The bad news...

Please continue to pray for Joseph...

30226121603 Joseph

He has now turned 16...

He did not get a family in time :(

Pray that God will keep him safe!

He does have one chance...

If there is a family who has approval with US immigration to adopt a child through age 17...

And got this approval before April 25...

They could add him to their adoption!


More good news...

For my sweet buddy Jordan!

He was recently moved to the Moving Mountains Page...

(A page for children with large adoption grants!)

He now has $5,670 in his grant fund!

Sweet little man...

I hope this helps your family have courage to step out and claim you as their own...

I'm waiting Mama!

Have you seen me yet?


No post is complete without Colin and Leo!

Are they your sons?

You can read more about the children listed in this post by clicking on their names!

You can learn more about the adoption process HERE.


You can learn more about Reece's Rainbow or view other waiting children on their website at:

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