Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
Click the picture to see children who are waiting for a family.

Monday, November 5, 2012

First Party Guests!!!!

5 little boys...

Have arrived at Emmitt's party!

They all are waiting for their own Mom's and Dad's...

Waiting to be valued as the treasure they are...

Waiting to be chosen, and cherished and loved!

Please meet and welcome them...

And share their stories if you can...

They need all the exposure they can get to help them find a family!


Daniel has been TRANSFERRED to an institution and spends his days in bed...

You can see how thin and sick he looks!

A family that met him this summer said he is not doing well :(

He has hydrocephalus and needs medical attention for it desperately!

How long can he make it with no love and little nutrition?

He needs a family URGENTLY!

You can read more about Daniel HERE!


Carlton is a delightful boy!

He's very smart...

He just turned 5 and is already reading!

He has some trouble with his legs...

But he's learning to walk!

Carlton VERY MUCH wants a family!

He ASKS when his parents will come!

But if they don't come...

Sweet Carlton will soon be transferred...

What a horrible thought!

Could you or someone you know be the family Carlton is waiting for?

You can see more pictures and videos of Carlton HERE!

Please share them to help him find his family!

You can read Carlton's Reece's Rainbow profile HERE.


I just "met" sweet little Ernie when he was invited to the party!

His profile says he sits up, smiles, and plays with toys...

He could have a bright future with a family!

He's not quite 2 years old and has hydrocephalus a condition that is very treatable in the US.

If left untreated it can cause brain damage which is a real shame as it is very preventable if treated early!

You can visit Ernie's profile HERE.


Ever see a picture like this?

Ever turn away thinking such a child is zoned out and hopeless?



What a contrast!

This is a more RECENT picture of Kyle and just look at his joy!

Kyle has already been transferred to a mental institution...

And still this beautiful smile!

Imagine how he'll blossom if he just gets some love!

You can read Kyle's profile HERE.


Randall is a sweet boy...

Just listen to some of the ways he is described!

Kind, gentle, patient...

Waits his turn and then gladly gives the toy to the next child when his turn is over!

Randall loves crafts and kicking a soccer ball!

Here is another picture of Randall!

I'm waiting for you Mom and Dad!

Have you seen me yet?

You can read more about Randall HERE.


The children above are now on my side bar in hope's their family will see them!

That's 5 on my sidebar but there's still lots of room!

Do you have a child you'd like me to add?

I'm doing a fundraiser for Emmitt!

For each $5 gift to Emmitt's adoption grant fund a child of your choice can have a place on my sidebar at least until Emmitt's birthday on January 26!

I will also include your chosen child in a blog post!

Just let me know you donated and who you have chosen by commenting on this post or e-mailing me at

Emmitt had only a little over a year to find a family...

When he turns 16 it will be too late :(

Please help me find his family!

You can visit Emmitt's profile or donate to his grant fund HERE!

Since Emmitt is part of the Angel Tree at Reece's Rainbow this year...

A Christmas Ornament with HIS picture on it is available for a $35 (of which Emmitt's fund will get $27!)  

If you would like an ornament you can visit the Angel Tree here to order!

Let's get him OUT of those bars!

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