Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Who will make her smile?

Have you met this little one?

This is Lyla (Lilianna on Reece's Rainbow).

She just had her 2nd birthday...

She has big blue eyes...

But where is her smile?

She doesn't know how much she is loved!

She had family who were eagerly planning to adopt her...

They were planning to name her Lyla.

Sadly, Lyla's heart condition landed her in the hospital.

Doctors did not expect her to live...

So the family adopted another child.


Against all odds...

Lyla has recovered sufficiently to be listed for adoption again!

God must have great plans for her -- He preserved her life for a reason!

Who will get to watch those plans unfold?

Who will put a smile on sweet Lyla's face?

Who will step out and bring her home so she can get the love and medical care she needs...

So she can grow and thrive and smile and laugh?

Could you be her Mama?

Or could you share her story to help her Mama find her?

Click here to find out more about Lyla or donate to her grant fund!

Dear Sarah at Mathew 18:14 blogs for many orphans...

But she has given Lyla a special spot on her blog...

She's putting her picture at the bottom of EVERY post till she gets a family!

I got these pictures from her post about Lyla here.

In honor of Lyla's birthday Sarah is doing a blog link-up to help her family find her...

Won't you join the link up and help spread the word about Lyla?

By the way...

Sarah and her friend Rachel have a blog where they sell lovely crocheted items to raise money for orphans...

Check it out here -- maybe you can find some Christmas gifts and help orphans at the same time!

Please Pray for Lyla!

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  1. THANK YOU sooo much for linking up and blogging about sweet girl!! I REALLY REALLY appreciate it! :)