Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sad Birthday for Jonah

Sweet Jonah has a birthday today. Why should that be sad? Because now he is eligible for transfer to the mental institute. This precious child has NORMAL intelligence! He is only 4 years old! A mental institution is no place for him. Julia is a warrior for him. She adopted her son Aaron from the mental institute Jonah will be sent to if he is not adopted very soon. She knows that it is no place for a child like him and has written some heart stirring appeals for him. There is one about his birthday. Another is about the car ride to nowhere (the mental institute) he will soon have to take. Her blog is one of my favorites -- I hope you will check it out. While you are there maybe you could donate $5, or maybe more to sweet Jonah's fund -- at this time there is a limited amount of matching funds available to match your gift. Someone has donated a 200 piece puzzle for Jonah. Julia is writing the name of each donor on a puzzle piece so Jonah can see how many people donated to bring him home. You can see a picture of the puzzle here. To have your name added to his puzzle just leave a comment on Julia's blog to let her know you donated and what name she should put on the puzzle piece. By the way -- donations are tax deductible because the are all through Reece's Rainbow.

Below is a picture of Jonah! And here is a direct link to donate to his fund. Even if you can't donate -- please pray that a family chooses him soon so he can be home where he can have a HAPPY Birthday next year!

Jonah (23)

BOY, February 22, 2007

Look at this little love! So happy to finally have more info about him. Jonah has APERT syndrome. His fingers are fused and he has mild cranio-facial issues. He is considered very high functioning, intelligent, physically able, and the director really wants a family for him.

Jonah is facing the institution very soon (probably where Brady and Heath are, the Lost Boys), so I hope we can come together to fundraise and find a family for Jonah!

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  1. Jonah is home with his family now!!!! (Posted 10/8/2011)