Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Reason for this Blog

Hi friends,

I have a passion that has been growing for some time -- a passion for special needs children who are languishing in orphanages and mental institutions. Here's how it happened.

I have a fascination with physical disabilities and how they can be helped with various therapies. That is one reason I want to be a physical therapist -- to help improve the abilities & quality of life of the disabled.

For a number of years now, I've been reading web journals about special needs kids. This past summer I started reading adoption blogs. Through one of these blogs (about a special little girl named Sofia), I found a wonderful ministry called Reece's Rainbow. The ministry was started by Andrea Roberts, the mother of a special little boy with down's syndrome. She learned that in some parts of the world, children like her son were placed in orphanages and later transferred to mental institutions. In these sad places children languish and wither away from lack of love and stimulation. Andrea couldn't bear the thought, that children like her precious son Reece, were in such a terrible plight, so she began Reece's Rainbow to raise grant funds to help adoptive parents pay the expenses involved in international adoption.

The ministry advocates especially for children with down's syndrome, but also lists many children called "other angels" with other special needs such as blindness, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, etc. Some of the children have special needs that could be fixed or greatly improved with surgery and/or therapy. Many of these children can live productive and happy lives if they are only given a chance. Without that chance many children (even those who could be mobile by walking or wheel chair) will be bedridden for life. Some of these children are of normal intelligence, but are deprived of an education because they can't walk, or "look different."

I have been looking at pictures of waiting children and my heart is touched. I long to see them rescued. I want to do something to help them. I cannot adopt at this time, but I can speak for them through this blog. I can give a small donation from time to time, and I can pray. I hope you will join me and choose at least one child to pray for and help spread the word. There are many children to chose from. Check them out!

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