Saving His Sparrows

Saving His Sparrows
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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Peter's New Year Party!

It's Party Time!


Angel Tree is over...

And Peter over $750 dollars was raised for Peter!

$766.85 to be exact!

Combined with what was in his grant before angel tree started...

He now has $2,391.75 to help a family bring him home!

Thank you so VERY much to everyone who helped peter climb up the angel tree!

To those who donated to bring guests to Peter's Party...

To a generous annonymous donor who bumped Peter and many other children over $500...

To my co-warrior for the funds she raised...

And to everyone else who donated or shared his need!

Team Effort...  Team Victory!


Here are the beautiful children donors chose to bring to his party by their donations to his fund!

First a group shot of the guests with Peter!

And now some individual shots of Peter with his guests!

Isn't Abigail darling?

Gertie - such a lovely young lady!

Boden - What a handsome little man!

Gary and Marty - foster brothers who hope to be adopted together!

Peter and Nikolajs are Angel tree buddies!  

They got over $750 and are neighbors on the tree!

Thanks for helping them reach this victory!

Julie - sweet little party guest who just arrived last night!

Kambry - another sweet party guest!

Laura - is she your beautiful daughter?

Sweet Adelaide!  So glad she came to the party!

Dear Crystal...

I'm not allowed to share her picture publicly...

But she is a REAL little girl waiting for a REAL Mom and Dad!

Neal - His family found him!!!!!

They are working hard to complete his adoption!

Congratulations little man!


The results of the drawing are in!

He won a $25 donation to his grant fund...

And a special blog post featuring him (Coming soon!)...

Congratulations Marty!


Today we celebrate the funds that were raised for Peter...

The visibility he and his guests have received...

And the wonderful news that Neal's family found him!

And we celebrate a new year...

A year of hope for Peter and his guests who also need families of their own...

Keep praying...

Keep sharing...

And do consider if maybe...

By any chance...

One of these children could be your son or daughter!

You can read more about these children on their Reece's Rainbow profile by clicking on their names in this post.

You can read more about the adoption process HERE.

I pray that this will be the best year of all for these dear children...

The year there forever family finds them and brings them home!

Home where they will be loved and cherished as the special treasures they are!

Thanks again for all who shared, donated, and prayed for Peter!

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